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AUQUEST Collagen Whitening Cream for Dark Skin Intimate Areas Armpit Private Parts Underarm Lightening Body Cream Skin Care

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AUQUEST Collagen Whitening Cream for Dark Skin Intimate Areas Armpit Private Parts Underarm Lightening Body Cream Skin Care

If you’re suffering from axillary dullness, AUQUEST Collagen Whitening Cream for Dark Skin Intimate Areas is the ideal product for you. This cream contains hydrolyzed collagen and bamboo charcoal, which work together to whiten underarm skin and dilute the appearance of axillary dullness. The mild formula ensures that your skin is not stimulated, but rather nourished and restored with safe ingredients.

AUQUEST Collagen Whitening Cream is not only suitable for brightening underarms, but also effective for all body parts, including sensitive and private areas such as the nipple and pubic region. With regular and long-term usage, you can expect remarkable results.

Key Features:
1. Whitens armpits: The collagen and bamboo charcoal in this cream help to fade dark spots and lighten the overall skin tone of your underarms.
2. Repairs thick pores: The cream’s unique formula works to minimize the appearance of large pores, resulting in smoother underarm skin.
3. Smoothens underarm skin: AUQUEST Collagen Whitening Cream nourishes and moisturizes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
4. Removes odor: This cream effectively neutralizes and eliminates unpleasant underarm odors, keeping you fresh and confident all day long.

– Water
– Glycerol
– Sorbitol
– White mineral oil
– PEG-30 dimeric Hydroxystearic acid ester
– Nano-titanium dioxide
– Dioctyl carbonate
– Magnesium stearate
– Hydronnatezophennone
– Fragrance
– Hydrolyzed collagen
– Bamboo charcoal

NET WT: 1.69 OZ./50ml

1. Clean and dry your skin before application.
2. Apply the cream onto the desired areas, including underarms, and massage it gently until fully absorbed.
3. For optimal results, use the cream twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

Beat Melanin, 3 Weeks to Return your Skin to Whitening:
– Melanin formation
– Clothes rubbing
– UV exposure
– Hormonal changes during pregnancy/genetic melanin
– Intimate part disturbance

Who Can Understands?
– Private parts
– Armpits
– Areola darkening
– Buttocks
– Joints

Whitening patent, synergistic anti-oxidant repair
Negative ion light black technology
Bamboo charcoal effect reduces melanin production
Three-layer disintegration of melanin
Mild formula for a brighter, more even complexion

1. Inhibit (Brightens skin by inhibiting melanin production)
2. Intercept (Blocks the spread of melanin transfer and prevents further deposits)
3. Fade (Reduces free radicals and slows down melanin formation)

Main Ingredients:
– Hydrolyzed Collagen: Moisturizes, brightens skin, and increases skin elasticity.
– Bamboo Charcoal: Cleanses pores, exfoliates, and repairs the skin.

This AUQUEST Collagen Whitening Cream effectively eliminates local melanin in private parts, areolas, underarms, buttocks, and joints. Experience its powerful whitening properties that will leave your skin looking radiant and even-toned.

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AUQUEST Collagen Whitening Cream for Dark Skin Intimate Areas Armpit Private Parts Underarm Lightening Body Cream Skin Care

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