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Top Snowwhite Powder for Clear and Smooth Skin: Whitening, Wrinkle-Reducing, Moisturizing, and Melanin Removal Benefits

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Product Name: Snow White Powder

 50-1000g Best Snowwhite Powder,Cosmetics Grade 100% Pure Nature Snow White Powder,whitens skin,removes wrinkles, moisturizes and removes melanin,Moisturizing Skin,Whitening Cosmetics,Antioxidant,Skin Whitening Supplement,making the face more shiny,Better Skin Water Absorption

Product appearance: Snowwhite Powder
Grade: Food/cosmetic grade
Storage: This product is sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place

Snow White Powder Composition

Snow White Powder is a pure plant extract composed of 7 alpine plants: mallow extract, mint leaf extract, primrose extract, mantle extract, American veronica extract, lemon balm extract , Polygonum extract. It can promote cell regeneration and help repair the skin barrier. It has excellent skin permeability and good skin whitening effect, effectively reducing the size of pigments and age spots.

Benefits of Snow White Powder

The main functions and applications of snow white powder include:


Snow white powder has natural whitening and whitening factors that penetrate deep into the skin to lock water, repair damaged skin, restore collagen function, prevent facial wrinkles, and accelerate the metabolism of new cells. It also reduces melanin, regulates endocrine, and inhibits pigmentation, making the skin white, delicate, and elastic.

Water Absorption Rate

Snow white powder helps the skin absorb a lot of water, maintaining its elasticity and softness naturally.

Wrinkle Removal

It can remove wrinkles, firm the skin, and has a greater effect on young cells than young people.

Acne Prevention

It prevents inflammation, skin irritation, bacterial growth, promotes cell metabolism and skin regeneration, relieves pain and itching, and is effective for facial paralysis, acne, allergies, and redness.


Top Snowwhite Powder for Clear and Smooth Skin: Whitening, Wrinkle-Reducing, Moisturizing, and Melanin Removal Benefits

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